Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My 4 Top Best Pictures of Trina :-)

I'm enjoying this little princess that I have ... a gift from the LORD to us Trixie and Josh :-) She is growing and glowing and would be ready for nursery school next opening. This little one is positive, talented and good with people (she makes you feel welcome). :-)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Here's Trixie and Trina at McDonald's celebrating the birthday of Elisha Bomban. This was a very early afternoon. I have to get Josh from school. Josh and I were not able to attend this Birthday Party. Trina is getting smarter and ba-ba-an gid ... We are really enjoying her :-) We are proud of her ... she will be in school by June 2006. You see also Trixie with the best of smiles :-)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hi there!
ALPHA is coming to His Life ... sooooooon. PRAY :-)

The ALPHA Course is A Practical Introduction to the Christian Faith for EVERYONE!

Anyone can come. Anyone interested in finding out more about the Christian faith is welcome.
Learning and Laughter. Join others in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
Pasta (or other food). Each weekly session begins with dinner.
Helping one another. Dinner is followed by a large group presentation and small-group discussions.
Ask anything. Here's your chance to ask your questions and express your opinions

Friday, March 17, 2006

Monday, March 06, 2006

March and April will be Worship and Missions EMPHASIS. Why? Worship is God's desire from you ... He seeks for Worshippers (people who are ready to LOVE Him all the time). Missions is God's desire to be in our Hearts ... for people to be touched, won and added to heaven. Let's go for it.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

HAPPY 13th!
an article written by Bro Danny Yee for His Life Newsletter. Appeared in February 26, 2006 (SUNDAY Newsletter. See

It’s Sunday the 13th and Congratulations to all brethren of His Life whom we join in celebrating 13 years of God’s goodness and faithfulness both in our lives and in our church!
We celebrate because, from a handful of highly spirited and ablaze young and “young once” brethren under the leadership of Pastor Joebert Ramos, more than a thousand now join us in Sunday Worship Celebrations in 6 different congregations at Cinema 4 in Robinsons Mall in Bacolod, Cinema 6 at Robinson’s Iloilo, Gaisano Cinema in Bacolod, also in Talisay City, Cagayan de Oro and the latest addition to the family: Robinson’s Metro under the able stewardship of the most eligible bachelor at-large in His Life, Pastor Armin Ramos!
We celebrate because we have become a Purpose Driven Church, fueled by the Holy Spirit, founded on the Word only as written in the Holy Bible, focused to fulfill our Missions both as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and as His church.
We celebrate because at His Life, we continue to perfectly welcome imperfect people. If you feel we have not welcomed you perfectly, please let us know! And in order for us to minister to you better, please join any of our many small groups / cells.
We celebrate because, many times over, God has proven Himself true to His Word in the many successes of the Allot For A Lot and Thanks A Lot Campaigns. We are 10 to 12 months shy of fulfilling our dream of acquiring our very own lots where we can someday (soon?) construct our very own Worship Headquarters that will house our Sanctuary, prayer rooms, offices, worship team music rooms, library, and maybe even a kindergarten school!
We celebrate because we are excited to see the unfolding and fulfillment of our 20 Sites beginning June, 2006. There is no way for a church to go but to grow and go in order to grow and go… and grow…. and go….!
We celebrate because God has found us worthy to be part of His plan and that He will continue to use us in reaching out to the lost, equip us to preach His Message to the un-churched, empower us to victoriously walk in this journey, and all of these for the glory of Him Who is forever and ever praised, Amen!