Tuesday, November 29, 2011

JUMP 2 unlimited TALK


-- Call the youth to JUMP into discipling their Campuses for JESUS .... lets add 12 NEW UNIVERSITIES to reach for the Lord in 2012 ... lets add 12 NEW COLLEGES to reach for the Lord in 2012 ... lets add 12 NEW HIGH SCHOOLS to reach for the Lord in 2012. JUMP!
-- DYK ... The Commission on Higher Education reported that as of 1998, there were 1,185 universities and colleges in the country serving more than 2 million students. In 1998, some 331,827 students graduated from college; 90,880 of them with a degree in Business Administration; 40,611 in Engineering; 36,181 in Medical Science; and 25,038 in Mathematics and Computer Science. They were supposed to join the labor force but not all of them ended up getting the jobs they have been trained for.
-- DYK ... 2 Million College Students
As of 1998, 2,067,965 students were enrolled in Philippine colleges and universities. These included 620,681 students who were enrolled in Business and related courses; 299,226 in Engineering; 316,293 in Education; and 166,329 in Mathematics and Computer Science. Students who were enrolled in two- or three-year technical or vocational courses were not included in the counting.

-- Call the rich to JUMP into the HARVEST FIELD by totally supporting Missionaries!
-- DYK ... According to the Philippine Senate, some 7 to 8 million Filipinos live and work abroad, 2.5 million of them in the United States. There were 105,000 Americans in the Philippines in 1999.
The Philippine Overseas and Employment Administration (POEA) said that in 2001 alone, 866,590 Filipinos left the country on legitimate working visas to work abroad. This translates to 2,374 Filipinos leaving the country each day. OFWs sent a total of US$6.23 billion in dollar remittances to the Philippines in 2001. (taken from THE FILIPINOS)
-- DO YOU KNOW WHO IS THE RICHES in New York City? .... READ .... According to the 1990 United States Census, the Filipino-Americans living in New York (perhaps the world's most prosperous city) had the highest median income among all ethnic groups. The census revealed that in 1990, there were 43,229 Filipino Americans in New York who had a median income of about US$45,000, surpassing those of European-Americans, Japanese-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Afro-Americans.

-- Call ALL to Jump into the message of the CROSS ... lets not tell another story ... LETS JUST STICK to the story of Jesus .... ALL ARE WITNESSES to be Evangels! -- the Old Fashion Way ...