Wednesday, November 29, 2006

FINISHERS reaching the FINISH LINE Every Week!

As of November 26, 2006 we have 32 FINISHERS in our ALOT for A LOT Campaign at His Life. This started 2 years ago as we called people to PRAY, LISTEN, SACRIFICE and be GENEROUS every Thanksgiving time for the purpose of buying a Church Lot Facility at His Life.

This SPIRITUAL GROWTH CAMPAIGN is more than a "FUND RAISING" Campaign. In fact it is technically described as a "GIVING" CAMPAIGN.

In a Fund Raiser, people are exchanging money for a service, item, product or etc. In a Giving Campaign ... people are challenged to listen, pray, see and know the vision and GIVE!
That's it -- people are called to GIVE! To give with cheer, joy and thanks.

Here's the 43 individuals that made the FINISH LINE ...

Erwin Gallespen
Amelle Gallespen
Benito and Sharon Salazar
Brion Ta-ala
Clifford and Ann Puen
Clifford Puen, Jr.
Danny and Joyce Yee
Eduardo Lopingco
GJ Villanueva
Glenn Sichon
Guat Ha Villanueva
Jan Vincent Yee
Jay and Gigi Despojo
Jaz de Jesus
Jimmy and Arnee Pacete
Joji Lacson
Jovy Albarico
Jun and Karleen Legaspi
Kim and Angel Lanzar
Kristine Yee
Madison Ta-ala
Monica dela Cruz
Nellyn Rubiato
Noel Gumabong
Primie Garrucho
Joebert and Trixie Ramos
Ruth Occe├▒a
Titit Adelantar
Vangie Puertillano
Lance and Suzette Castillo
Randy and Sharon Medez
Ruseller and Natalie Malinao

THE LORD is Goooooood! He has taught us the way to be "freed from greed"

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Encounter The Bible

BASICS on Hermeneutics
and Homiletics
with POWER Tips on Delivery, with Pastor JR at the METRO (fully air-conditioined, 2nd Floor) a ministry of our LTS - Leadership Training School - producing generational leaders for God's glory.

November 30 (Thursday)
6pm to 10 pm (Sessions 1 and 2)
  • with a dinner break (please provide for your own dinner at a nearby shop)
  • hot drinks will be served for FREE
  • materials will be for 50 pesos only
December 1 (Friday)
  • 8am to 3pm (Sessions 3 and 4)
  • This includes a workshop with our MOBILE Library
  • a lunch break (please provide for your own lunch at a nearby shop)
  • Graded Oral Exams will be in the afternoon - 2pm to 3pm
Bacolod (034) 4330245 and look for Raymond
(033) 5089458

P.S. Notice Pics above? Two God's Word ???? One is the Bible, another one is the Messiah? This needs a little skill in Hermeneutics ... both are called the Word of God. One refers to a Book ... the other one refers to a Person. LEARN more the skill of Bible Interpretation :-)