Saturday, July 29, 2006



I praise the LORD for the opportunity to have a Month Long break this August 2006. Many people are asking, "What Do You Usually Do During Your Break?" I will be answering this question weekly through my BLOGSPOT (
  • I will be most of the time >> Observing other Growing Churches (here in Bacolod and Negros and outside the Visayas);
  • Read Leadership and Church Health Books;
  • Read My Bible of Course :-);
  • Attend a Conference here and there (One will be in Metro Manila - "Lord willing ...");
  • Go out of town with my wife and kids;
  • Pray for the Church and Ministries at His Life;
  • Visit other His Life Congregations;
  • Speak in other Churches ;
  • and a whole lot more ... I WILL KEEP YOU POSTED :-)

PRAY PRAY PRAY for me ...
pastor jr here