Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hospitalized after coming from Manila

My trip to Manila to attend the "GRADUATION" of Million Leaders Mandate was a success! I graduated ... Trixie was with me. The other thing we did not see was the FLU Trix and I got as we were there. Instead of going to Baguio City ... we flew home to Bacolod City instead and shortcircuited our trip. The picture above was taken during the time my nurse was about to get the IV out of my viens .... i consumed 3 bottles of IV's ... praise GOD ... now I am better and recovering. I am about to finish my anti-biotics too by Aug 1.

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My Mejora said...

its good to hear that you are okay now bert, God bless you more...thanks for the prayers and support for my family.

bob :)