Saturday, December 17, 2005

Class 101

Class 101 - The Purpose of His Life was held at the Bob's Brick Pit Restaurant last month. You see here the Small Groups in action. You also see here the restaurant's excellent ambience and service. More than 35 people came to attend this FREE Seminar given to all our friends and contacts at HLM. Organized well by Sister Gigi Diosana (she is new to the Staff at HLM), we had a successful day at this Class 101. The uniqueness of this Seminar was that, more and more sharers were taking turns to explain and discuss HLM's values, philosophy, doctrine, history and etc. It was a great afternoon. Class 101's are given usually every 3 months. In the coming year 2006, we might give it as often as monthly. Why not?



please ask gigi if she can email me, or para dasig text me sa roaming ko 09109262711. i was told she wants to say something to me. i need to hear from her asap. thanks gid. ducky


it's about class 101...tnx!