Thursday, September 22, 2005

Trina TURNS 2

The birthday of TRINA was last September 20. We enjoyed (Joshua, Mama Trixie, Trina and Elmo) eating our lunch at the newly renovated McDonalds in Bacolod City. We feasted over sppagetti, hamburger, chicken and fries. But Trina in her excitedment ate only 5 pieces of fries. Josh enjoyed his oreo cake dessert at the McCafe shop (the 1st outside Metro Manila), while I had my cafe latte there too.
After bringing Josh back to school, Trina, Trixie and I went to Gaisano for some kiddie games and play. She also tried out the computer at Netopia where I spent a few minutes checking my email. She also went to an arcade just to hear the sounds and see the sights of people dancing, singing and playing. Her day culminated by opening YOYOs xylophone gift (see picture above) ... it was a great day! The Lord's DAY ... brining us Trina TWO years AGO :-)
Thanks to Titos Ranty and Faith for the TREAT ... mmmmmm :-)


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