Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A TRIP with Bunchie and Josh

I make it a point to date the kids individually. Trina and me ... Josh and me ... but in these pictures it was Trix and Josh and me ... the first two pics on top were taken just last week as we sped to the closes piers we have in Bacolod City. We saw SuperFerry 2 being prepared to leave that night going to either Manila or Cagayan (I did not ask). We had a great time here ... we bought a number of pork barbeques and some bread and drinks ... brought it near the edge of the pier and started to have our afternoon snack. Enjoy gid di si Josh and Trix. The picture below was during our evening dessert at Jollibee ... you notice Josh lost already his front tooth ... he is now a big boy ready to learn more about life and enjoy it ... may he grow up to be a a Man of God.


toto87 said...

Are you guys really happy? A pastor, his wife, and their kids enjoying a breezy quite afternoon. Next time bring the kids to the park or take them to a bookstore.

toto87 said...

typo "quiet"