Friday, January 20, 2006

by Trixie for YX Friday Nights


At the Lampost

The White Witch suddenly changes her tone with Edmund and represents herself as a friend.
(2 Cor 11:14-15 - Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light...his servants masquerade
as servants of righteousness.)
(2 Peter 2:18 - By appealing to the lustful desires of sinful nature, they entice people.)
(Romans 16:18b - By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naïve people.)
Edmund who was mean-spirited, selfish and unkind fell into the trap. She made a secret and dangerous alliance with the witch. (He was commanded to bring to the witch his other siblings and she promised to make him prince of Narnia.)

At the Witch’s House

Although deep down he knows better than to trust the White Witch, Edmund cannot resist the lure of Turkish Delight.

(2 Peter 2:19 - A man is a slave to whatever has mastered him.)
One of the problems of sin is that - like the enchanted Turkish Delight - it’s addictive, and it separates us from God.

Edmund has the opportunity to turn back but instead he hardens his heart and plunges deeper into sin.
(Proverbs 28:14 - Blessed is the man who always fears the Lord, but he who hardens his
heart falls into trouble.)
(Romans 2:5 - But because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are
storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God’s wrath, when his righteous
judgment will be revealed.)

The Chief of the Witch’s Secret Police refers to Edmund as the “fortunate favorite of the Queen - or else not so fortunate”. There is no safety or security for those who make deals with the devil.
The Witch did not fulfill her promise to make Edmund prince; it was an empty promise in the first place because she was not even the rightful ruler of Narnia.
(John 8:44 - he (the devil) is a liar and the father of lies.)

He promises the world...

(Matthew 4:8-9 - … All this I will give you...if you will bow down and worship me.)

...but he devours all who fall into his trap.

(1 Peter 5:8 - Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring
lion looking for someone to devour.)
How to Avoid a Pitfall:

1. Recognize the Turkish delight (temptation)

What Is Temptation

Temptation means being enticed to have genuine needs met through the world, the flesh and the world, the flesh and the devil instead of through Christ. Every temptation is an invitation to do things our own way instead of God’s way.

Difference Between Temptation and Sin

Temptation is not the same as sin. Even Jesus was “tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin” (Hebrews 4:15). As long a we are in the world, we are exposed to temptation just like Jesus was. But He didn’t sin, and we don’t have to sin either. Temptation is like seeing Satan’s face through the window; sin is like unlocking and opening the door, making it possible for him to come in.

Most of us won’t often be tempted to commit obvious sins like armed robbery, murder of rape. Satan is too clever and sneaky for that. He knows that we will recognize obvious wrong and refuse to act on it. Instead he likes to entice us to push something good beyond the boundary of the will of God until it becomes sin. Eating for example is necessary and right, but eating too much, eating the wrong kind of foods, and allowing food to rule over our lives is wrong. God intended sex to be beautiful and good. But sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, and selfish sex are out-of-bounds and lead to bondage.

2. Run toward the Way of Escape

1 Corinthians 10:13 (LB) - But remember this - the wrong desires that come into your life aren’t anything new and different. Many others have faced exactly the same problems before you. And no temptation is irresistible. You can trust God to keep the temptation from becoming so strong that you can’t stand up against it, for he has promised this and he will do what he says. He will show you how to escape temptation’s power so that you can bear up patiently against it.

2 Timothy 2:22 - Run from anything that gives you the evil thoughts that young men often have, but stay close to anything that makes you want to do right. Have faith and love, and enjoy the companionship of those who love the Lord and have pure hearts.

3. Resist the Tempter

James 4:7-8a - So give yourselves humbly to God. Resist the Devil and he will flee from you. And when you draw close to God, God will draw close to you.

Matthew 16:23 - Jesus turned on Peter and said, “Get away from me, you Satan! You are a
dangerous trap to me. You are thinking merely from a human point of view, and not from God’s.”

4. Resort to Pure Delight

Psalm 37:4 - Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Isaiah 61:10 - I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God.

Our moments of greatest conquests over the devil result from our moments of deepest intimacy
with the Lord.

What if sometime in your past, you fell BIGTIME into a pit and you have stayed there until now?


How to Arise from Your Past:

James 4:8 - And when you draw close to God, God will draw close to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and let your hearts be filled with God alone and make them pure and true to him. Let there be tears for the wrong things you have done. Let there be sorrow and sincere grief. Let there be sadness instead of laughter, and gloom instead of joy. Then when you realize your worthlessness before the Lord, he will lift you up, encourage and help you.

After the heart to heart talk between Aslan and Edmund, Aslan says to Peter, Susan and Lucy that there is no need to speak of Edmund’s earlier behavior. He has been forgiven.

(Isaiah 43:18 - Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.)
(Isaiah 43:25 - I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions...and remembers your sins no more.)

During the next encounter with the white witch … Edmund kept his eyes on Aslan. (Psalm 105:4) “Look to the LORD and His strength; seek His face always.”
Psalm 34:5 “Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”

A Real Encounter with Jesus will results to change in your life:

1. Conversion of the heart (inward change)
2. Calling (change of direction/purpose)


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