Sunday, January 01, 2006

Praise, Prayer, Purity and POWER!
The Call for a BIG MOVE in 2006 was released today in our SUNDAY Morning Celebration at Cinema 4 of Robinsons Place - Bacolod. We can do it as we depend totally on God's power this year 2006. This year is the YEAR for 20-Congregations to be started (NEW) with a 06-months program (which includes ENCOUNTERS, SMALL GROUPS, MINISTRY AND MISSIONS Sunday PLUS YX Summer-Salt Missions Tour 2006!
These can be done as we have a READY Praise for God's Name; a PASSIONATE Prayer Discipline; a PURSUIT for PERSONAL Purity and POWER from on High - the baptism of the Holy Spirit..
2006 will truly be a remarkable year for God's Purposes here at HIS LIFE :-)

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